[DWJ] Heyer...

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 3 13:40:21 EST 2007

Minnow wrote:

> Don't you find that very often your favourite Heyer is the one you happen
>to be reading at the time or read most recently, or the one you read just
>before that?  Though there are a few that are never my favourite, the rest
>go in rotation, more or less, depending on my mood at the time.  Almost all
>of them have wonderful moments and some hysterically funny bits of
>dialogue.  (How can one resist the person who when he is described as a
>perfect courtly knight, objects on the grounds that actually he's a
Freddy is my favourite Heyer hero, but I think The Unknown Ajax is 
actually my favourite book. It's another one where the couple fall in 
love because they can share a joke, and Hugh's invention of the 
wromantic girl-friend is a classic Heyer poke at conventions.


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