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On Tuesday 02 January 2007 22:49, Minnow wrote:

> What's more, one of Ma's cousins had an entire wall of her basement
> kitchen painted with blackboard paint so that people could draw on it
> without feeling guilty.  The room was so dark anyway that having one
> black wall didn't make too much difference, and having people drawing
> in there livened up the cooking process for her, she said.

I'd paint the inside of the kitchen door with blackboard paint if I was 
in the habit of keeping it closed. As it is, I only close it when 
cooking something that would otherwise stink up the whole house for 
days. (I'm not really claustrophobic, but I don't like small enclosed 

> Maybe I just see chaos as normal, at least in that respect and in the
> inappropriate foodstuffs area.  

Oh yes. My friends call me organised because I can cope with the 
schedule imposed by school, work, choir, two daughters' sport, one 
daughter's music, but I don't think it's *that*, it's just being 

> Ma used to have supper-picnics for us 
> in summer, so that my father could come on the picnic too after work,
> and some of the food we took on those was definitely eccentric.

I'm married to someone with a huge sense of propriety; it's usually fun 
but it does mean that when he's along on a trip we have sit-down meals 
(eccentric or not), and when it's only the girls and me we eat whatever 
is convenient wherever we want.

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