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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Jan 3 06:53:13 EST 2007

>Farah, quoting Mary Ann (was it?):
>>>>>I just read *Bath Tangle* over the weekend, thinking if Bujold
>>>>> likes them, they must be OK. Very Austen-ish. OK for a fast fun
>>>>> read.

(DWJ likes them too, so they MUST be OK!)

>> The best follow up to Bath Tangle, is The Grand Sophy, and follow that
>> with either Frederica or Venetia.

Philip concurred:
>I'll second that.  My favourite Heyer at the moment is TGS, but it used
>to be Venetia, and before that False Colours.  Frederica?  Yes, although
>I get distracted by Felix, who is very much as I imagine my best friend
>must have been at that age.

Many people seem to dislike Serena in *Bath Tangle* and think she is a
bully, which puts them off.  Sophy upsets them because she's too
"managing".  And then they hate the way Frederica has no time for Charis's
wromantic silliness and they say she pushes Charis around, and don't like
that one either.

I'd put in a bid for *Friday's Child* as good vintage Heyer, and an even
stronger one for *Cotillion*, with a side-order of *Arabella* and

Don't you find that very often your favourite Heyer is the one you happen
to be reading at the time or read most recently, or the one you read just
before that?  Though there are a few that are never my favourite, the rest
go in rotation, more or less, depending on my mood at the time.  Almost all
of them have wonderful moments and some hysterically funny bits of
dialogue.  (How can one resist the person who when he is described as a
perfect courtly knight, objects on the grounds that actually he's a


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