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>On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 03:23:46PM -0500, Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise
>>*blink* Don't _These Old Shades_ and _Devil's Cub_ form part of the
>>geneaology for _An Infamous Army_'s characters?

Roger wrote:

>Approximately, yes, though there are some difficulties with the internal
>chronology. Characters from TOS, DC and RB all turn up in AIA, even
>though the account of the battle itself is historically accurate.

Nobody from TOS turns up in AIA.  You've got the wrong Avon!  *Vidal* turns
up, with his wife Mary.

The first of the Dukes of Avon whom Heyer wrote about, Leonie's husband, is
39 in 1756 and his wife is twenty years his junior.  19 in 1756 would make
her 78 years old at the time of AIA, and I doubt Leonie travel to Brussels
on the eve of Waterloo at that age.  At 98 even Avon would probably have
thought twice about making the journey.  Vidal, a spring chicken of a mere
58 (23 in 1780), and his wife Mary (20 in 1780), do make that trip from

*These Old Shades* is set in 1756 and has the Duke of Avon and Leonie de St
Vire as H/H;
*Devil's Cub* is set in 1780  and has Dominic (Marquis of Vidal, Duke of
Avon in 1815, which he couldn't be if his father were still alive) and Mary
as H/H;
*Regency Buck is set in 1811-12 and has Lord Worth and Judith Taverner as H/H.

In *An Infamous Army*, set in 1815, Bab Childe is 25.  She's also Vidal's
grand-daughter; she must therefore have been born in 1790, ten years after
her grandparents were married at the end of *Devil's Cub*, which is
marginally improbable...  his son must have fathered her at the age of
nine, by that reckoning.  (Mind you, with that family I suppose it's

Judith and Worth, in whose house Bab Childe takes refuge when her
pusillanimous brother, the current (1815) Marquis of Vidal, and his wife
Augusta flee Brussels and leave her there alone, are from *Regency Buck*.
The nitwit Sir Peregrine Taverner and his almost-as-silly-wife Harriet are
also players in *Regency Buck*.

I think that covers all of the members of those two families.  Well, apart
from Bab's two other brothers, who come on in the action, the one to cause
a scandal and the other to be killed.


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