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I'm also picking up lots of great recommendations from everyone's lists - a great way to start 2007!


Quoting Roslyn <rosgross at bigpond.net.au>:

> I haven't read anything by any of the writers you've mentioned, nor
> many of
> those Hallie has mentioned either, except for Megan Whalen Turner
> and
> Shannon Hale. Certainly not Jaclyn Moriarty, even though, as you say,
> Emma,
> I must have seen her books everywhere (but I don't remember doing
> so). I'll
> have to do something about this quick smart!
> Ros
> <<I feel like I've spent a lot of the year starting books then
> impatiently 
> throwing them down and returning to old favourites. But as I went
> through 
> my blog I realised I've actually come across lots of great new books
> in 
> 2006, many of them YA novels. My only worry is that seeing as I
> didn't keep 
> a reading list I only have the books I reviewed to prompt my memory.
> I hope 
> I haven't missed any crucial ones! I have cheated and included lots
> of 
> books in the first category.
> Belated author discoveries: Scott Westerfeld. Why hadn't I found
> Scott 
> before this year? Peeps is one of my favourites for 2006 and one of
> my 
> favourite vampire books in general. I also loved his Uglies trilogy
> that 
> other people have mentioned here.
> Jaclyn Moriarty. Overlooking this author was embarrassing as she's 
> Australian and you'd think I'd have noticed her books everywhere. I 
> wouldn't have thought the stories told through a mix of notes/diary 
> entries/letters etc would work so well, but I've laughed my way
> through 
> these books and appreciated the handling of the serious elements
> (although 
> I agree The Betrayal of Bindi MacKenzie was the weakest book).
> Hilary McKay. I've loved her funny and perceptive Casson and Exiles
> books. 
> Fantastic family stories. Actually for McKay and Moriarty I agree
> with all 
> of Hallie's comments!
> Most anticipated book that fulfilled all my expectations: King of
> Attolia 
> by Megan Whalen Turner. I didn't think she'd be able to pull it off a
> sequel so well - it's different but still wonderful and clever.
> Best new series: The Temeraire books by Naomi Novik: A great
> combination of 
> dragons and sailing ships.  These books are fun and have proved to be
> very 
> popular with everyone I've lent/recommended them to.  I think the
> series 
> was starting to flag a little by the third book but am looking
> forward to 
> the next one.
> Book that lived up to its hype: How I live now by Megan Rosoff.  I
> wasn't 
> thrilled with the couple of pages I flicked through in the bookstore
> but 
> bought it anyway. I'm glad I did! The style grew on me and I was
> sucked 
> into the story.
> Book that reassured me that the author is still on the ball:Dzur by
> Stephen 
> Brust. A long-awaited installment in the Vlad Taltos books and a
> great read.
> Other great books: Criss Cross by Lyn Rae Perkins.  I just loved this
> book.  I can see why the lack of an overarching story annoyed some
> people 
> but I enjoyed the writing style, the humour and generally the whole
> summery 
> feel of the of book.
> Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.  I reached a point a few years ago where
> I 
> decided not to read any more WWII, especially holocaust, novels as I
> felt I 
> had read so many.  But this story, narrated by Death and telling the
> story 
> of a German girl who steals books, was a worthy exception.  Published
> as an 
> adult book here but YA in the US.
> Other notable authors I've enjoyed for the first time in 2006 have
> included 
> Caroline Cooney, Sarah Dessen, Shannon Hale and Penni Russon. What a
> great 
> year for YA fiction!
> Here's to a 2007 filled with more great books! No doubt this list
> will help 
> with that aim as admirably as it has in the past so thank-you.
> Emma
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