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On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, Minnow wrote:
>and deborah replied:
>>Well, that's *DWJ*'s interpretation of what he said. *g*
>Hey, a question: if DWJ is merely interpreting, rather than inventing, what
>she writes in her books, *whose invention is she interpreting*?

I would say she is inventing it -- but just because she's
inventing it doesn't give her a better handle than everyone else
on interpreting it. *g*

Seriously, though.  If the whole bunch of really smart people who
are on this list took the book that was in their hands, saw
Marcus' words, came up with interpretations that seemed
reasonable to them in context, and made interpretations of
Marcus' actions and feelings based on the words in front of them,
then those interpretations are in my opinion 100% as valid as
what DWJ says she intended when writing those words.  Since the
book doesn't come with footnotes or a Marcus glossary, readers
can only read the words on the pages in front of them and make
meaning from those words.

This isn't any fancy postmodern theory about the irrelevancy or
unknowability of the author's opinions (although I have plenty of
that, too), it's simply the fact that the book as sold comes with
Marcus' words unglossed, and therefore what the readers make of
those words is up to them and their readings from context.

(As a related note, I get rather peeved at Carla Speed McNeil in
her _Finder_ series for including such extensive footnotes.  At
a certain level I just want to say to her "if you can't get it
across in the story it's NOT THERE -- trust your readers to fill
in the spaces!" But then I've never been a big believer in
apocryphal canon, even when it says things I want it to, as when
Joss Whedon said on the Angel season 5 DVD commentaries that of
*course* Angel and Spike were getting it on.)

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