[DWJ] Marcus (was:Pinhoe Egg, Ember Crinkle (Minor spoilers))

Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale) Philip.Belben at eon-uk.com
Thu Feb 15 04:50:36 EST 2007

Otter dug out a very old post by me:

> > But Marcus Green's (in SWM) are worth the effort to translate.  I've
> > done almost all of those, now...
> I'd be interested in seeing these.  I have had infinitesimal success.

I don't have them written down anywhere, alas.  Here are a few that
spring to mind from memory:

When we first meet Marcus, trying to steal crumble mixture: "Bond Jewry"
= want jelly.

In Arth, when they are served "Ardy poo" (nasty food) and someone
describes a piece of meat as "like a slug", he remarks "Oddie Dug" =
horrid slug.

Being interviewed by the High Head, Marcus becomes quite eloquent in
reporting his hunger.  I can't remember everything he asked for, but it
included Gorblay (cornflakes) and Barberday (marmalade), and ended with
"Dillah, I need doad!" = Zillah, I need toast.

In the kitchen, he keeps asking for "damages", and explains this as
"Damn damn bitches" = jam sandwiches.  On being offered a red slather or
a yellow slather, he confidently declares "dyke dead buds" = [I] like
red ones.

When Marceny breaks up the party and has Philo taken away: "Oddy dady
bake Bilo god" = horrid lady make Philo gone.

But of his remark about centaurs, right at the end of the book, "Ort
bake ow.  Bad doubt", I have little more clue than the King.  Presumably
there's something about "horse make house" in there...

Hope this provides food for thought.

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