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An interview with David and Katherine Paterson can be read at:



The film is about as close to the book as the Patersons could have hoped.
Katherine Paterson said she gave the film "the throw-up test," derived from
the negative response a friend and fellow writer had to seeing her own work
(mis)adapted on screen. Not only did Katherine not become physically ill
after watching "Bridge to Terabithia," she enjoyed the movie and was
heartened by the positive reactions of others. She saw the film at a recent
screening for more than 300 librarians in Seattle, and said the common
response was, "Thank you for being faithful to the book."

David Paterson is a little annoyed at the movie trailers, which play up the
"Chronicles of Narnia"-like adventure of Terabithia. "I understand the whole
concept of 'selling yourself,' " he said. "There's certain battles I lost,
but I didn't lose any limbs, and neither did the book."

He's pleased with the film because it stays faithful to his mother's beloved
book and to his beloved childhood friend. "I wasn't about to give up the
property for a quick buck. I wanted to make THE movie of 'Bridge to
Terabithia,' " he said. "Because of my friendship with Lisa, this is a
tribute to Lisa as much as it is to the book."


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