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>> |I'm just pretending it isn't happening, plugging my ears and going
>> |"lalalalala" as necessary.  Kinda how I'm dealing with "Bridge to
>> |Terabithia."  I think maybe there should be some kind of litmus test for
>> |directors and producers before a movie project gets the green light.  Like,
>> |"Do you think 'The Dark is Rising' would be improved if the family was
>> |American?" and if they answer, "I thought they *were* American in the book"
>> |we get to pelt them with weasels.
>> have you seen the promo pictures for Bridge to Terabithia? With
>> the incredibly girly Leslie, who is described in the picture
>> book-from-the-film which I was foolish enough to look at in the
>> bookstore as "a fun loving and quirky adventurer", or something
>> like that.
>> She's GIRLY. Leslie. Girly.
>> *head, meet desk*
> *groan*
> That's going to put me over the edge.  It's just wrong.
> We saw the movie trailer in the theater.  I knew from the start what movie
> it was--before they showed the title--but then when the trees started
> walking and the fairies began buzzing around, I wondered if perhaps I had
> suffered brain damage without being aware of it.

Settle down, everyone. Many child_litters have seen Bridge to Terabithia and
think it's a wonderfully faithful adaptation of the novel. Katherine
Paterson's son David wrote the script (it was the death of his childhood
friend that inspired the story) and she has seen it three times and "likes
it better every time". The trailer is apparently entirely misleading,
encouraging audiences to think it's a fantasy-style movie, when in factthis
is a very tiny aspect of the film (I recall someone saying something like
less than three minutes but I could be wrong). People have also praised the
casting. And these are people who are VERY unforgiving about film

I can't wait, myself, but I don't know when it will be realeased here.


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