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On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 15:18:51 -0500 (EST), deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:

>On Mon, 12 Feb 2007, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
>|I'm just pretending it isn't happening, plugging my ears and going
>|"lalalalala" as necessary.  Kinda how I'm dealing with "Bridge to
>|Terabithia."  I think maybe there should be some kind of litmus test for
>|directors and producers before a movie project gets the green light.  Like,
>|"Do you think 'The Dark is Rising' would be improved if the family was
>|American?" and if they answer, "I thought they *were* American in the book"
>|we get to pelt them with weasels.
>have you seen the promo pictures for Bridge to Terabithia? With
>the incredibly girly Leslie, who is described in the picture
>book-from-the-film which I was foolish enough to look at in the
>bookstore as "a fun loving and quirky adventurer", or something
>like that.
>She's GIRLY. Leslie. Girly.
>*head, meet desk*


That's going to put me over the edge.  It's just wrong.

We saw the movie trailer in the theater.  I knew from the start what movie
it was--before they showed the title--but then when the trees started
walking and the fairies began buzzing around, I wondered if perhaps I had
suffered brain damage without being aware of it.

I've already had to explain about the book to a number of kids at the
library, all of whom were under the impression that it was a fantasy thanks
to the movie ads.  Worse, though, was having to explain to the fifth-grade
teacher that _Bridge to Terabithia_ is NOT, repeat NOT, a **science
fiction** book.  (That's the genre for February.  I admit it's hard to find
contemporary juvenile science fiction, but how this became an acceptable
choice--supported by the teacher, no less--boggles the mind.  MY child is
reading _Red Planet_.  There were also a few doing the Shadow Children books
and at least one _A Wrinkle in Time_.  I was in time to stop the madness,
but not to provide a range of choices for the students.)

(In another aside, my biggest gripe about the ILS reading is that they let
more than one kid read the same book.  There's only 22 kids in the class;
couldn't we find 22 different books in a single genre?  Heck, I *own* more
than 22 titles in some of these genres.  And yet at least three kids were
reading Alex Rider for the fantasy month.  Bah.  If they're all reading the
same thing it should be _Dogsbody_.)

(I'm griping a lot, yes, it's been a bad week because I am a procrastinator
and the computer at the school has tried to self-destruct again.  It does
this faked amnesia thing where I try to start up a program and it says "who
are you again?" and wants the registration info all over again.)

So, basically, Terabithia book good, Terabithia movie bad, weeping into my
porridge over "The Dark is Rising."

Melissa Proffitt

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