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Charlie is causing a rash of torn hair across the globe.

This is so painful.  I think the fact that the Stantons are such a good
family, in a completely non-swarmy way, is crucial to the story. Or at
least it's crucial to understanding the character of Will.  Which clearly
the filmmakers do not.  Far from wondering if he'll ever be cool (or
however they say that) Will's position as an Old One is threatening to him
because it separates him from the rest of his family.  AAAAARGH.

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Charlie shared...

> *The Dark is Rising* film has been rumbling on in pre-production for a
> couple of years now, but recently they've starting to cast, and some of
> the
> details have recently begun leaking out here and there. The snippet below

> is
> from the call for auditions(
> http://www.myentertainmentworld.com/mew/audition_film-tv.html) which came
> out a few months ago, so sorry if this is old news. Be warned: there are
> spoilers for the Dark is Rising film below. And when I say 'spoilers' I
> mean
> - well, you'll see....

I hadn't known there was to be a film of "The Dark is Rising".  My first
thought was "what a good idea!"; it's an eminently filmable book, I think
(funny it hasn't been done before, however).  Then I read that casting
WHAT?  What have they *done* to the Stanton family?!  What on *earth* is
point of making them American?  And why have half the siblings been cut?
And why has the family been made messily dysfunctional?

Aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhh!  ::tears hair out::

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