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On 12/02/07, Farah Mendlesohn <farah.sf at gmail.com> wrote:
> Forgive me if my memory is faulty but isn't Gwen *older*? Will is the
> seventh son of a seventh son and the youngest in the family,.

This is true - nor does book-Gwen dote on Will particularly. (Clearly she is
being made young and cute so that she can be kidnapped prettily by the Rider
- whereas in the book this happens to Will's vain older sister Mary - who
seems to be missing from the movie altogether.) In fact there is not one
sentence in that description which corresponds to the book, apart from its
being set in England, and perhaps Max's interest in art. That could equate
to bohemian, I guess - though book-Max isn't much of a questioner of
authority. Then again, Mr Stanton isn't an emotionally distant patriarch, or
an American professor....

But why go on? It's all too obvious how the cookie-cutter casting has


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