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Forgive me if my memory is faulty but isn't Gwen *older*? Will is the
seventh son of a seventh son and the youngest in the family,.

It sounds horrendous.

On the other hand, after a weekend in Dublin, swearing I woul;dn't buy
books. I spotted Gail Carson Levine's new book. Fairest, in the airport
shops. Luckily *after* my luggage had been weighed.

On 11/02/07, Charles Butler <charles.hannibal at gmail.com> wrote:
> *The Dark is Rising* film has been rumbling on in pre-production for a
> couple of years now, but recently they've starting to cast, and some of
> the
> details have recently begun leaking out here and there. The snippet below
> is
> from the call for auditions(
> http://www.myentertainmentworld.com/mew/audition_film-tv.html) which came
> out a few months ago, so sorry if this is old news. Be warned: there are
> spoilers for the Dark is Rising film below. And when I say 'spoilers' I
> mean
> - well, you'll see....
> **
> *(Romania) -* Send photograph & resumes ASAP to: *Details Are only
> Available
> By Subscription. <http://www.myentertainmentworld.com/subscribe.html>*.
> Title: *THE DARK IS RISING*, Feature Film. EXEC PROD, Ron Schmidt; PROD,
> Marc Platt; DIR, David L. Cunningham; SCR, John Hodge. Shoot Dates:
> February, 2007 (in Romania). STORY: The film is about Will Stanton, who
> discovers on his eleventh birthday that he is the last of the "Old Ones,"
> a
> group of immortal warriors who have dedicated their lives to fighting the
> forces of the Dark and he must undertake a difficult journey to defeat the
> evil powers that threaten the land. Breakdown-- *Will Stanton*: 13. Will
> is
> an American who lives in England with his family. Will is bullied and/or
> ignored by his older brothers, and Will is gloomily convinced that he's
> doomed to be a bookish, gawky oddball at the bottom of the pecking order.
> However, he is actually an innately cool kid who has not yet grown into
> his
> coolness; *Professor John Stanton*: 45-55. Will's father. Professor
> Stanton
> is an American physicist and college professor and he's paid a price for
> it.
> He is emotionally cool, authoritative and very remote from his children;
> *The
> Rider*: 30-40 years old man with icy malevolence who is masquerading as a
> simple village doctor when in fact he is an agent of Evil; *Mrs. Mary
> Stanton*: 40-50. She is the American mother of the Stanton six children.
> She
> works hard at protecting her husband and her family. She similar to her
> husband is not emotionally available to her kids and is very distant;
> *Gwen
> Stanton*: Will's younger sister, Gwen is an American, neat, upright girl
> of
> about 8 or 9. Unlike her brothers, who treat Will with amiable contempt,
> Gwen looks up to Will, loves him and dotes on him; *Max Stanton*: 19 or
> 20,
> an edgy young man with piercings and tattoos. Will's older brother. Max is
> the American, bohemian of the family. He is always inclined to question
> his
> father's authority; *James Stanton*: 17. Will's older American brother.
> James is mature, muscular and good looking, the object of admiring eyes.
> Busily looking for a girlfriend, James barely interacts with Will -
> especially when Maggie Barnes becomes the object of his affection; *Robin
> Stanton & Paul Stanton*: 15, Male. A pair of grungy American adolescents,
> Robin and Paul are identical or fraternal twin brothers, and they're still
> at the "horseplay" stage of development. Always ready to tease Will about
> his bookish ways, always willing to reinforce his fears of being a gawky
> oddball, Robin and Paul tease and bully and sometimes blow off Will.
> (Posted: November 2, 2006)
> I don't know where to begin! Perhaps I'll just confine myself to asking
> what
> 'sometimes blow off Will' means... The mind boggles - but it was boggling
> already.
> obDWJ the latest editions of this sequence have a quotation from DWJ,
> saying
> that she wishes she'd written it. Bet she won't wish she'd written this.
> Charlie
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