[DWJ] Norahs

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Fri Feb 9 19:11:25 EST 2007

      Norah the snorer / Heather Palfrey

Who among us have namesakes in books? I note that  Sallys in songs always 
seem... odd.

Recycled Sally
Long Tall Sally
Lay Down Sally
And then there's the cracked Sally in "Tommy"...

In books there's a "Away Went Sally" that I've never read, (Elizabeth 
And there was  Sally Lunn in Barbara Euphan Todd's "Mr Blossom's Shop"... 
she was really a bun.

And of course the Sally in TOTG... and Sally Burnet in Antonia Forest's 
Kingscote stories...


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