[DWJ] Birth announcement - Norah Claire Ding

Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Fri Feb 9 11:38:26 EST 2007

> I also loved Rosemary Wells' "Noisy Nora" -- in fact, I still
> have my childhood copy. (First she banged the windows, then she
> slammed the door, then she spilled her sister's marbles on the
> kitchen floor.)

"I'm leaving!" shouted Nora, "And I'm never coming back!" And they 
didn't hear a sound, but a tra-la-la from Jack...
> tongue. I'm having this mental picture of a girl sneaking off in a
> hood, and my mind is illustrating it with a Garth Williams
> illustration that I think is actually from one of Miss Bianca books,
> so I think my mind is just putting the wrong illustration ... wait!
> I've got it! Isn't the magically imprisoned aunt and Jane Langton's
> "Diamond in the Window" named Nora?

A quick search of Amazon search-inside-the-book says yes.

Wasn't there a cook/housekeeper in one of the eternal mystery series 
like the Bobbsey Twins named Norah? (It wasn't the Bobbsey Twins, I 
checked... Their cook was Dinah.)

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