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On Fri, 9 Feb 2007, Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale) wrote:

|> Oh wow!!!! congratulations. Now we must look for books featuring
|> Norahs for her. Our children had one that they loved called Noisy
|> Norah which doen't sound too auspicious.
|Congratulations Kylie from me, too, even more belated.
|The name Norah always makes me think of Norah Lofts, but I don't recall
|her ever writing children's books, unfortunately.

Her "The Maude Reed Tale" -- which I think was a children's
version of an excerpt of "The Lute Player" was one of my favorite
books as a child.

I also loved Rosemary Wells' "Noisy Nora" -- in fact, I still
have my childhood copy. (First she banged the windows, then she
slammed the door, then she spilled her sister's marbles on the
kitchen floor.)

And "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist", which I still haven't

But there is some Nora that I just can't place; she's on the tip
of my tongue. I'm having this mental picture of a girl sneaking
off in a hood, and my mind is illustrating it with a Garth
Williams illustration that I think is actually from one of Miss
Bianca books, so I think my mind is just putting the wrong
illustration ... wait! I've got it! Isn't the magically
imprisoned aunt and Jane Langton's "Diamond in the Window" named

The main character is a misogynistic, hermaphroditic,
heavy-drinking, ultra-cynical aardvark. It's an acquired taste.
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