[DWJ] Assistive technology, Jonathan cont.

Kait Bessing kait.bessing at comhem.se
Sun Dec 30 05:58:30 EST 2007

Continuing the thread of Jonathan's sight function in A Tale of Time City...

Getting towards the end of the book, I was interested to note that the sight 
function turned out to be quite incompatible with the "mind-suits" they wore 
for protection in the Silver Age. It just went all black, and poor Jonathan 
couldn't see a thing.

It reminded me of the computer software designed to make Windows more 
accessible for blind and partially sighted people - like Zoom Text the 
magnifying programme, and Jaws the screen reader.

They tend to be incompatible with certain programmes, especially newer 
versions of those programmes. And they won't work with Windows Vista at all!

Of course, Zoom Text and Jaws will get upgraded eventually. But by then, 
there will be even newer versions that we can't read...

Always one (at least!) step behind. Sigh.


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