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> I agree, the adult romance drama was clearly thrown in there to give it
> more adult appeal. Unfortunately, according to my 7-year-old, it reduced
> the child appeal. She was very disappointed at how little Posy there was.
> I loved that they made it look so like the drawings from the book, I
> must say.
What irritates me is that when I was growing up, and more recently, there
were dramas filmed for children, which were broadcast at children's viewing
times. Now they film children's books for broadcasting later in the evening,
with a firm eye on the adult audience. Is there no longer a belief in the
child audience?

And I think one of the problems with the Posy scenes was filming a child
dancing convincingly. As she was mostly in the dark and against a dark
background, it was difficult to see what she was doing. We got the merest
hint of her ability to 'dance people'. Probably too much to expect. But it
left much less for her to be seen doing, as she is never employed like the

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