[DWJ] Re: Mincemeat

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Dec 29 16:46:56 EST 2007

>Minnow asked...
>> What happens if somebody in one of these zero-g places cuts his finger?
>> Blood on all the walls?  In the books it always seems to happen in 'globs'
>> that head for the air-filters, so I was assuming no air-circulation would
>> mean that it stayed where it was.

and Dorian spoke from experience:

>Well, having cut the end of my finger open yesterday...it wells up.  It may
>not be arterial blood, but it's still under pressure and given an opening,
>will come out.  I imagine that, with no gravity or air circulation to push
>it around, the blood would sort of blob around the end of the finger.  Which
>would probably make seeing how deep the wound is and dealing with it even
>more tiresome than with gravity to remove at least some of the blood.

That ties in with 'if you cut your hand, hold it above your head to slow
the bleeding', which I suppose hardly does any good in zero-g!

>If you shook the cut finger, you'd probably get (small) globs of blood
>flying through the...compartment, for want of a better word.  (And then
>hitting walls and making messes.)

Er, yes, it would...  <grin>  I'm reminded of the moment when a friend
suddenly asked 'what are all these dots in my kitchen?', and we found that
every (wooden) cupboard front had small dots on it at exactly
labrador-dog-tail height, because the idiot guide-hound had a mysterious
cut on his tail (we never did find out how he did it, but the favourite
theory was that he had wagged straight onto a chef's knife and failed to
notice, like the time he wagged into a grate and didn't realise that he was
on fire) and as he wagged, tiny drops of blood were thrown at the sides of
the room.  Two problems here: [1] how do you make a bandage stay at the end
of a labrador's tail without shaving it, and how do you persuade him to
hold still for that? and [2] is it possible to stop a friendly labrador who
has an idea that food is in the offing from wagging his tail
enthusiastically and shedding both bandage and drops of blood?

The quick-fix answer is shutting the dog out in the garden and ignoring the
way he shoulder-barges the door.  We didn't try to convince him that it
really wasn't our fault -- and it took more than an hour to clean the
kitchen completely and lunch was rather late, so he may simply have decided
that we had been suitably punished for our carelessness in not stopping him
from wagging his tail in the first place.  He was very forgiving about the
whole business, really, but then labradors are often kindly wights.


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