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Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Fri Dec 28 15:32:20 EST 2007

Minnow said...

> >Phil said...
>>> I assume you mean the introduction of the "love triangle".
> ('Strewth, between *whom*?  The two doctors and, erm, and Theo?)

Between Garnie, Mr. Simpson (Mrs. Simpson being conveniently dead in this 
version), and (hintedly) Theo.  The doctors are presented as 
possibly-a-couple, in a nice, understated way - they are, in fact, one of 
the few things I liked in this adaptation.

> and Dorian replied:
>>I don't know about Elizabeth, but I would add to the "love triangle" thing
>>(which was actually reasonably well handled, even though totally
>>non-canonical), the turning of Theo into some kind of tacky jazz-dancer, 
>>possibly the rather unneccesary giving of TB to Garnie.
> They did what?
> OK, thanks, that is enough to tell me all I need to know.  The people I
> heard enthusing about this on the radio  were, of course, Media Folk, and 
> I
> ought to have known better than to assume they cared about the book 
> really.
> Bother.
> TB.  Garnie.  The idea.

Yes, that was about my reaction.  Idiots.

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