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Fri Dec 28 09:00:04 EST 2007

> At the risk of setting off another round of food discissions, permit me
> to state my envy at those of you who can actually *get* mince pies
> without having to go out of the way and make them yourself.
> Mince is hopelessly out of fashion on this side of the pond. (Or maybe
> just this side of the continent.) I think if you really, really hunt
> you can find the frozen ones this time of year. But you probably won't
> find a fresh bakeds one.

I think I may be biased by living in PA Dutch (German) country. We made
the drive to Dietrich's market, on the other side of our Metropolitan
Statistical Area, to buy the bratwursts and real keg-made sauerkraut for
Christmas and New Year's eve, and they had real mincemeat pies for sale. I
didn't buy any, as Dietrich's pies are way too heavy for me, but the
non-meat mincemeat pies were on sale at Valley Farm Market when we stopped
there for the Christmas pies. There were, however, no pecan pies, which
puzzled me-- Sarah had specifically wanted pecan. So we ended up with
something strudelish in apple, and some coconut custard, and pumpkin pie.
(I privately think that while the rest of Valley Farm Market is definitely
German-American, there must be someone Mediterraean supervising the
bakery, judging by some of the interesting things they come up with. In
particular, there's a layered strudel-like dough made into something that
looks like large clamshells, with a sweet custardy filling that none of us
can figure out. They did have traditional horseshoe shaped pastries that
Juergen says are for New Years, but we'll get those closer to the holiday.
-- Jenne Heise / Jadwiga Zajaczkowa
jenne at fiedlerfamily.net

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