[DWJ] Gay Birds and Child Brides

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Dec 27 19:32:37 EST 2007

I remarked

>But what *I* want is the advanced dentistry that turns up in Heinlein's
>*The Door Into Summer* along with self-lighting cigarettes and zippers that
>don't catch people in themselves.

and Sallyo wrote

>I love TDiS, but my daughter was horrified. She thinks Dan is a paedophile.

After all that trouble the hero goes to making sure they end up the right
age for each other, juggling coldsleep?  Gosh!

>As for gay or non-hetero characters, I never really think DWJ would blink at
>a bi or two. Polly, for example, had the potential to be bi. Maybe she is,
>and just doesn't act on it. I wonder if a bi character would work in a
>romance? She or he could actually run two romances at once...

I'd've thought that two-timing was liable to be a bit frowned on in that
genre, and I suppose that would be what it had to be regarded as being.
Unless it ends up all with three happy together, which could work.


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