[DWJ] Assistive technology

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Dec 26 14:41:21 EST 2007

deborah pointed out

>oh! And the jabbering device Jamie to dictate Homeward Bounders
>-- it seems to have a much lower error rate than Dragon
>NaturallySpeaking. In fact, it puts in all the punctuation and
>italics for him, without him having to say anything, he
>specifically pointed that out.

The recording-to-writing device in Isaac Asimov's *Second Foundation* was
embarrassingly accurate, as I recall.  It even puts in correct punctuation
if you gabble at it, because Arkady is definitely gabbling when she says
'thefutureofseldonsplan' and it transcribes that as 'The Future of Seldon's
Plan'.   :-)  I think that was called a Transcriber?

But what *I* want is the advanced dentistry that turns up in Heinlein's
*The Door Into Summer* along with self-lighting cigarettes and zippers that
don't catch people in themselves.


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