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Wed Dec 26 14:03:40 EST 2007

On Wed, 26 Dec 2007, Kait Bessing wrote:
> But who's Megan Whalen Turner?? Another SF/F writer?

oh, she is an absolutely marvelous writer, though I admit that
there are people on this list who aren't that fond, and I also
acknowledge that she writes in ways that exactly indulge my
specific fiction kinks. She has a great book of short stories,
but her fantasy series The Thief, Queen of Attolia, and King of
Attolia is really wonderful. I like the second one best but you
need to read The Thief first. It's low magic fantasy; an
alternate world very similar to our ancient Greece, with only a
miniscule amount of magic in the world. A lot like a slightly
magical equivalent of Cynthia Voigt's Kingdom books, if you've
read those.

> ps. What is the Code of Hammurabi?

ancient Babylonian legal code.

The main character is a misogynistic, hermaphroditic,
heavy-drinking, ultra-cynical aardvark. It's an acquired taste.
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