[DWJ] Assistive technology

Kait Bessing kait.bessing at comhem.se
Wed Dec 26 13:46:30 EST 2007

We were talking about assistive technology in DWJ. I just found a great 

I'm re-reading A Tale of Time City, and in the first few pages, Jonathan 
switches on a sight function which seems to replace glasses.

He does so by pressing a stud on the all-purpose belt he's wearing. The 
sight function appears as a flicker in front of his eyes, hardly visible to 

How terribly practical! You can switch it on and off as you like, much 
better than having to take your glasses on and off, putting them down 
somewhere and never finding them again!

I have to assume that this sight function would also help a person who had a 
serious sight problem.


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