[DWJ] Re: Mince Pies

jodel at aol.com jodel at aol.com
Wed Dec 26 13:28:53 EST 2007

>Exactly where in the world do you have to be to avoid 

*both* mince pies and *boiled fruitcake* of all things?! <

In my case, Los Angeles. (I'm assuming that by "boiled fruitcake"

 you mean things like plum pudding.)

Like I said originally, It's worse than that, you can't even 

find a *baked* fruitcake. Although Trader Joe's market *does* 

have what they call a fruit and nut "winter loaf" which has a 

generous helping of the dried and candied fruits and nuts 

that you would expect in a proper fruitcake, baked up in a 

nice loaf of bread. It is missing a lot of the stickiness, 

and of course the rum/brandy/whisky/whatever.


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