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Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Wed Dec 26 02:00:26 EST 2007

On Tuesday 25 December 2007, jodel at aol.com wrote:
> At the risk of setting off another round of food discissions, permit me
> to state my envy at those of you who can actually *get* mince pies
> without having to go out of the way and make them yourself.

Let me add my envy to yours.

> Mince is hopelessly out of fashion on this side of the pond. (Or maybe
> just this side of the continent.) I think if you really, really hunt
> you can find the frozen ones this time of year. But you probably won't
> find a fresh bakeds one.

Also on this side of the little pond on the other side of Britain. I didn't 
encounter mince pies until I actually lived in England for a year and a half. 
There's a tea-and-coffee shop in town that has some English specialty foods 
(we bought a jar of clotted cream that's now awaiting the scones I plan to 
make); perhaps they have jars of mincemeat, too.


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