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Allison Marles Gryski apm at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Dec 25 22:17:40 EST 2007

On Tue, Dec 25, 2007 at 11:56:01PM +0000, Minnow wrote:
> The only Pan I have spare copies of are *April Lady* (1977 7th paperback
> printing) and *Faro's Daughter* (undated) with oval-on-the-cover, and
> *Regency Buck* (1959 ist paperback printing) with full-cover illo.  Are any
> of these any use to you?  *April Lady* has a slightly torn back cover,
> lovingly mended with sellotape, and *Faro's Daughter* has the front
> title-pages missing and starts straight in at the beginning of Chapter 1,
> but they don't have pages of actual text missing as far as I know.

*rummages* ... I seem to have all of those in Pan.  But thank you! 

> >_Which_ Pan editions?
> ><evil grin>
> Wot he said...

My favourites are the cartouche ones with the plain white background.
However, I have not been fortunate enough to get to be so choosy at this
stage, so I have many more with the half-coloured background as well as
the full illustration. 

And you?
> >There are the full-page cover illustrations and the "cartouche"
> >illustrations-in-an-oval - and I think some of the cartouches were
> >redrawn for the shift between a plain white and a half-coloured
> >background.
You can see precisely what I have here:
(click "cover view" and show 40 per page to see them all on one page).

I do have some of the mysteries, but I haven't input them into
LibraryThing yet because I haven't actually read them yet.

Of the romances, I believe I'm only missing A Civil Contract (which I've
also never read).  
> Incidentally I think one needs to beware of the most recent (slightly
> larger sized paperback) Arrow reprints, which the Heyer List have
> found to have more than a reasonable number of typographical errors of
> a careless kind.  The 1960s and 1970s Pan paperbacks are very close
> indeed to the Heinemann hardbacks, with about ten typos in total over
> the thirty-eight or so that can be easily compared, whereas the Arrow
> ones have more than that per book.  In one case (called back after an
> outcry, I think) the List found more than ten mistakes in the first
> chapter.

Oh yes, my Mom sent them a list of errors and they sent her several
other titles for free in compensation.
> >>though I did
> >>decide to get rid of some of the more historical ones that I didn't
> >>think were as entertaining like Simon the Coldheart, My Lord John, and
> >>The Great Escape).
> >That would probably be _much_ more fun than either Royal Escape _or_ The
> >Great Roxhythe!
> *Royal Roxhythe* really  doesn't work at all.  It's like *Spring Muslim*
> the well-known typo.  And two of the books are known as *Lady of Sheep*
> collectively by people who think they're the same book really.

There are several that have the same formula ... you could say Charity
Muslin (or Sprig Girl) and even The Foundling all subscribe to the same
Plot.  None of those are remotely as amusing as Lady of Sheep for a 
title though.

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