[DWJ] Editions

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Tue Dec 25 20:57:26 EST 2007

I want some Large Print editions of DWJ. I also want more audiobooks... I've 
got my claws on Archer's Goon (with a woggle in one bit where the tape 
flips) and Witch Week, Castle in the Air and Warlock at the Wheel. Want the 

I also want the publishers of Doctor Who Magazine to wake up, smell the 
roses, and realise Doctor Who fans are just as likely to be 50 as 15 and get 
their *&^*I% print size up! Even wearing magnifiers I can't read some of the 
articles because of the small print on dappled pages. Grrrrr

Sally O 

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