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Tue Dec 25 13:53:54 EST 2007

At the risk of setting off another round of food discissions, permit me 
to state my envy at those of you who can actually *get* mince pies 
without having to go out of the way and make them yourself.

Mince is hopelessly out of fashion on this side of the pond. (Or maybe 
just this side of the continent.) I think if you really, really hunt 
you can find the frozen ones this time of year. But you probably won't 
find a fresh bakeds one.

They are the american style sort which are the wrong porportion of 
crust to filling, which may be one reason for the unpopularity. But in 
these "health-consious" times it almost seems to be a point of honor to 
declare oneself above most of the traditional holiday sweets. It's 
virtually impossible to find a proper dark furitcake, for example. 
Unless, of course, you are prepared to pay an arm and a leg for one at 
a gourmet market. (And few of those have them.)

Steamed puddings didn't survive over here as holiday fare until well 
before my own time, so I can't speak with any authority on those. But 
you used to be able to find packaged ones to heat up in the foreign 
section of the market, and you can't now.

On the other hand, I still was still seeing the nasty ribbon candy 
which cuts your tongue to shreds in the drugstores up through this last 
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