[DWJ] What this list has given me

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Dec 25 11:57:33 EST 2007

>> and Otter wrote
>> >I don't know how long I've been here, due to some
>> >hard drive disasters, but I find I've been saving
>> messages
>> >written by Minnow since 2004.
>Then Minnow said
>> That is a truly terrifying thought.  Why me?  So
>> that you can read them
>> before breakfast when you want to vent your spleen
>> harmlessly?
>And I (meaning Esther) say
>Quit yer FISHing for compliments.

I wasn't, I was wondering why pick on me...

>(I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I really could not help

I forgive it because I am desperately maintaining a 'Cool Yule' facade in
the facing of Christmas Lunch with Pudding and more mince pies than
*anybody* could shake a stick at...  The family got so involved in the deep
end of the trough that they have even missed the ceremony of the Queen's
Speech (don't ask!) and haven't opened the presents yet.  I think they are
now washing up in relays, or some such, still wearing the paper hats that
came in the crackers along with the really bad jokes and the tacky plastic

>But the truth is, my DWJ file has a preponderance of
>Minnow-emails saved, as well, and not for
>spleen-venting.  :-)

Oh.  I have files about three months long each, where I save pretty-much
everything that isn't about films I haven't seen and film-stars I wouldn't
recognise, or isn't more suited to the file where 'dwj bio info' goes so
that I don't get everyone mixed up and think that eg deborah is a
Lithuanian newt-fancier by trade, or that Roger runs a moose-farming
operation near Montreal.  I don't think it divides very well by
people-names, though I suppose some people must have more posts saved
because they send more in the first place.

Minnow (trying not to merit the name 'Bloater' instead)

(They are now playing with 'laser helicopters' in the dining-room.)

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