[DWJ] Alien Squid

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Dec 25 08:27:18 EST 2007

>Mince-pie, anyone?

and Jill wrote

>I LOVE mince pie!  I'll give you a slice of pumpkin in exchange (baked
>this afternoon.)

You're on!  Makes a pleasant change from christmas pudding, which I don't
like except as a pretext for brandy-butter (hold the pudding, I'll just eat
the brandy butter).

Owing to a minor admistrative cock-up (ie nbody in this blasted house ever
says what they are up to) we have a superabundance of mince-pies -- four
people bought them! -- and no chocolate at all -- everyone thought someone
else was buying some.  So we have mince-pies and to spare...

Swap a mince pie for two milk chocolate sweeties, anyone?


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