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> Sally wrote:
>> Quentin, who also teaches literature at the
>> poly (which seems to be a kind of college).
> Polys didn't offer degrees, I think, when they started; I think that
> colleges offered 'licensiates' instead
I went to one of the first polys, even before it became one of the new-style
polys. By which I mean I started at the Regent Street Polytechnic, which was
founded in 1891. From 1964, when the Council for National Academic Awards
was founded, the poly offered degrees approved by that body. In 1970 it was
amalgamated with, I think, 2 other colleges to become the Polytechnic of
Central London, continuing to offer CNAA degrees, which is what I have.
Degrees tended to be more vocational in content. For example, the degree I
have is in modern foreign languages, of which I specialised in 2 (French and
Spanish). The intention was that we would be appropriately qualified to work
for international organisations such as the European Union. We studied no
literature (one reason I chose it) but subjects such as history, technology,
economics to the extent that they supported language development. For what I
was interested in this was a far more appropriate degree than a traditional
university degree. I was particularly determined not to be qualified to
teach languages, for which I saw literature as vital, though I gather this
is no longer the case.

Law, engineering, science were all significant areas of study.

Charlie and others have already addressed the question of what subjects are
suitable for university-level study, so I won't get into that.

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