[DWJ] New Member Introduction

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Dec 24 06:11:13 EST 2007

deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:
> Almost immediately we had a good-sized group of subscribers. I
> just eyeballed it trying to see who has been around since the
> beginning, and it's hard because so many of you have changed your
> e-mail address is several times, and I know more people by name
> than by e-mail address. But Melissa and Tarja signed up that very
> day, with Gili, Sally, Judith, Devra coming in within a week,
> followed not that long afterward by Rowena, Philip, Meredith,
> Esther, and by summer I see Jodel and Irina. And I'm sure that's
> only a partial list. For example, I can't see a subscription
> notification for Hallie, but I know she was on the list in 1999.
> So actually a lot of the people who are here have been around for
> years!
Yes indeed - I was here from summer 1999.  And what about Emma, who 
appears to have jump-started the list for you by posting in 1980?  
(Emma's the latest of the many list online-only friends who've happily 
become met-in-person friends for me!)
> Of course, a lot of the people who are here and welcome and
> social (and lurkers count!) are newcomers, and that's great, too.
> :)
Having just seen Charlie off at the airport - well, all right, 'just' = 
last night - I'm in a more-than-usually sentimental mood, but even when 
not so, I often think how very different life would have been had 
Deborah not started this list, or had I not found it, or found it so 
wonderful when I did. And that's true even without considering those who 
joined later.  No,  I do not *just* mean that January 2003 joining 
mentioned a few posts ago...

At the risk of inducing bashfulness - quite aside from admiring and 
liking you anyway, Deborah, I OWE you.  So thanks. :)

Will now take my sappy self off to sniff into the -- ugh, washing-up.  
But haha! I can at least excuse the extremely disastrous state of 
house-keeping by claiming membership in the Howl School of 
Home-Maintenance, rather than the Sophie one. 


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