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Charles Butler charles.hannibal at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 20:14:20 EST 2007

>Now they are all
universities and offer degrees, sometimes in such academic subjects as
'tourism' -- I kid you not, I have seen that advertised on the outside of a
building as being one of the subjects taught there, but it didn't say
whether you were taught how to to *be* a tourist or taught how to deal with

Honestly Minnow, I know you only do it to annoy because you know it teases,
but what's so risible about the idea of a tourism as an academic subject?
(It's not the preserve of ex-polys incidentally - you can find degrees in it
at Westminster, Exeter, Hull, Strathclyde, Stirling and Surrey, for starters
- and Glasgow offers a BSc in 'Adventure Tourism'.) It may be
partly vocational, but then so are engineering, law, business and medicine -
and I've not seen anyone say they're unsuitable subjects for university
study. Tourism is arguably now the world's largest industry, it has a huge
effect on the planet's ecology, it's an anthropologist's dream, it has
obvious importance for international relations, etc. Why would universities
think it beneath their notice?

ObDWJ: *Dark Lord of Derkholm* has always struck me as (amongst other
things) a very penetrating study of the deleterious effects of Western
tourism on Third World cultures.


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