[DWJ] Baum's illustrator

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Sun Dec 23 18:18:37 EST 2007

...Of course, it wasn't Baum's illustrator, but reminded me of something 
here in the 1980s. A picture book was an absolutely smash hit, and spun off 
into cards, wrapping paper, calendars etc etc, diaries, giftbooks, you name 
it. The illustrator's pics were used in these, and she got a cut. The 
author, whose text wasn't used, didn't.


It wasn't me, by the way!

And Charlie, CAL is Copyright payments - if your stuff gets copied in 
schools etc, payments are made, which are supposed to be shared. Alas, it 
hinges on being able to contact an illustrator one never had any contact 
with, and a publisher that has since been sold on or swallowed or otherwise 
digested three times.

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