[DWJ] New Member Introduction

Kait Bessing kait.bessing at comhem.se
Sun Dec 23 15:22:06 EST 2007

Well, the only list I've been on for any length of time is Girlsown, and I 
think I've been with them since 1995 or so. Almost since the beginning, 

> And to bring this SOMEWHAT back on >topic - which DWJ books can be
> found in audiobooks in Swedish? >*curious* Maybe I'll buy some for the
> school library...

Goodness, I don't know! And I think I meant "talking books", anyway, even if 
I said "audio".

My blind friend was reading Dogsbody as a Swedish talking book recently, so 
that's one. But I'm sure there's more than that!

Sorry to be so vague, but I've only ever read them in printed form, and in 


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