[DWJ] Alien Squid

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun Dec 23 12:16:04 EST 2007

>>>> Gili is a psychic alien squid.

>>> I am reading this thread completely out of order, and am now
>>> absolutely
>>> baffled. I see will need to catch up retroactively.

>> Hmmmm...
>> If you were, you wouldn't: you'd know already.
>> Minnow, keeping a careful eye on sudden squid.  Otter, are you OK
>> in the
>> pool, or are they alarming you?

>Aren't squid saltwater types?  I stick to my nice freshwater river.
>Of course, I have _very_ fierce teeth.

That must be reassuring for you in these difficult times!  :-)

><VERY wide smile, showing LOTS of teeth>

Oooh, that's impressive.

>But of course I _never_ touch minnows.  I'm _much_ too
>well bred.

This is a source of comfort to me, given that I am hiding under this
waterweed just in case.  I have been worrying about Freshwater Bay...  *I*
know it's part of the English Channel, but if squid are happy there, might
they be misled by the name into investigating rivers?


Oooh, I needed that!

Mince-pie, anyone?


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