[DWJ] Re: Alien Squid

jodel at aol.com jodel at aol.com
Sun Dec 23 12:07:41 EST 2007

Do I qualify as an alien squid on the strength of 'Who Killed Albus 
Dumbledore?' I wrote about a quarter of that one...

(Maybe the first question ought to be "Is it fun to be an alien squid?" 
"Do I want to be one?")

As for the failure of age to "mellow" various personalities, one thinks 
of Tuppence in one of the later of Agatha Christie's novels ('Elephants 
Do Remember', I think) discussing Tommy's aunt or whatever in the rest 
home, who refuses to have her in the room; "If you are nasty at 20, and 
nasty at 40, and nastier at 60, and a perfect *devil* at 80..."
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