[DWJ] Charlie: PLR

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Sun Dec 23 07:26:55 EST 2007

>illustrators? There it really *is* up to >authors and illustrators to agree
>percentage splits

It doesn't work that way downunder, Charlie-Squid. Here we get what they say 
we get. 50/50 split if an illustrator is involved much, and the publisher 
gets a chunk too. The publisher can't claim if the author doesn't, I seem to 
recall... or is that CAL?

I have problems with CAL because they currently like to pay the author, who 
then has to re-distribute percentages according to individual contract to 
other signatories. Alas, some of said sigs are not traceable, some of said 
contracts are 17 years old and long-lost in the dusty boxes under the house, 
and if said author can't trace the others involved, s/he dare not claim 

Maybe DWJ is mixed up with CAL?


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