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I have not posted to the list‹or even read any posts‹for ages and ages. It's
been one of those years. However, 2007 draws (thankfully) to a close, and I
find myself clearing the decks and re-engaging‹inspired, I have to say, by
Kait's post, whose name appeared on my radar twice this week, first as a
sham spam at a work address and then here on the DWJ list. (I assume the
sham spam came because I was once on the Girls Own list, from whence I
recognise Kait¹s name, and some robo-troll finally picked up the

I have a question regarding a recent DWJ post, from which I quote below:

>> By the way, Diana is currently incandescent in a mild sort of way
>> about an illustrator who seems to think s/he is entitled to 50% of the
>> royalties on a book s/he did drawings for; a counter-offer of 12%
>> seems slightly more like it, given that the words came first and the
>> illustrations wouldn't have happened at all without them...

My question: is the book in question a novel or picture book? I assume
novel, because as far as I know, DWJ has only published one picture book
(Yes, Dear) and the genre is really not her stock in trade. If the book in
question is a novel with chapter illustrations, then 50% of royalties is
entirely unrealistic on the illustrator¹s part. However, if it¹s a picture
book, then 50% of royalties is the the standard arrangement.

While I¹m here, may I direct you to my blog entry about my new job, which
may be of interest to at least one or two of you:


Finally, before I go, is anyone else regretting recommending the
(currently-screening-on-Australian-TV) mini-series of Hogfather to their
largely-non-reader teenage nephew in the hope he might be attracted to
Pratchett¹s novels only to discover the mini-series is regrettably dour and
unfunny and unlikely to encourage an interest in reading in anyone? And
simultaneously bitterly grieving Pratchett¹s recent announcement of his
Alzheimer¹s diagnosis...



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