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Sat Dec 22 18:20:38 EST 2007

On Sat, 22 Dec 2007, Katarina Hj=E4rpe wrote:
>> How long has this list been in existence, anyway? I heard of it only
>> recently, on the Girlsown mailing-list.
> Um, Deborah? I assume you know the answer to that?

April 1999. Here's a bit of archival research, probably not of
interest to most of you, but I did the research so I'm going to
tell you all. *g*

April 1999, I sent out the following e-mail message to everyone
who had ever send me e-mail about the DWJ site (which has been
around at its current address since 1995, by the way, which means
that while we don't get any props for design or useful
information we absolutely get props for being one of the oldest
sites on the Internet):

> Sent: Tuesday, 27 April 1999 2:27
> Subject: Diana Wynne Jones Mailing list
> This message is going out to everyone who's ever sent me mail
> about the Diana Wynne Jones page.  I apologise for sending you
> this message if you're no longer interested in the topic; rest
> assured I won't send you another message unless you ask me to
> do
> so.  In fact, as many of you know, I'm very bad at sending mail
> even to people who have asked me to do so -- I was appaled to
> realise that I have *95* unanswered messages from people who've
> written to me about Diana Wynne Jones.

Almost immediately we had a good-sized group of subscribers. I
just eyeballed it trying to see who has been around since the
beginning, and it's hard because so many of you have changed your
e-mail address is several times, and I know more people by name
than by e-mail address. But Melissa and Tarja signed up that very
day, with Gili, Sally, Judith, Devra coming in within a week,
followed not that long afterward by Rowena, Philip, Meredith,
Esther, and by summer I see Jodel and Irina. And I'm sure that's
only a partial list. For example, I can't see a subscription
notification for Hallie, but I know she was on the list in 1999.
So actually a lot of the people who are here have been around for

Of course, a lot of the people who are here and welcome and
social (and lurkers count!) are newcomers, and that's great, too.

You know that North American listmeet we keep not managing to
have? If we haven't had one before then, we absolutely need to
have one sometime in the spring of 2009, just as sort of a 10
year anniversary shindig. Maybe we should try to organize various
continental listmeets in spring of 1999. With T-shirts.
Definitely with T-shirts. *g*

(Why yes, I am currently an archivist by profession, why do you

What does it matter whether we hang,
If we've learned a little wisdom?=09-- _Jade_, Sally Watson

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