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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Dec 22 14:35:56 EST 2007

Paul wrote:

>I've often wondered about Mordion terminating reigners 2 and 3.  He
>hates to do it, anyway, but we see a real danger of his becoming like
>Panthendres "I hate taking harsh measures" Dakros.

Maybe he takes it upon himself because if he didn't, somebody else would
have to?  That's generally the reason/excuse for having a legally-enforced
death-penalty... and the Reigners have no place left for them, really, do
they, one way and another.  Mordion does think it through and decide that
Three will make a dragon of a very vicious nature, and that Two is harmless
only insofar as he lets the others do the dirty work and then takes the
profits with no qualms whatever, before he terminates them -- which is
probably more than either of them would do for him or anyone else if they
were the ones who could terminate people at that point.  Think it through,
I mean.

>Reigner 1 is more complex, since he doesn't die of the broken neck: he
>is merely incapacitated until Martellian steps in and removes the sword.
>But it's a good point, since Mordion clearly intended to kill him in
>order to rescue Hume.

It must be disconcerting to think you are the Hero and suddenly find out
that you're only a spear-carrier!  That is what happens to Reigner One.
OTOH, in that world would he have the care given to keep him alive in the
condition he's now in?  Quote: 'Mordion knelt beside Orm with his face
turned away.  He did not think that even Reigner One should suffer this
way.'  Orm has both a broken neck and a sword right through his torso, and
as far as I can see it's pulling out the sword that kills him, so he's
likely to die anyhow when it is removed, however carefully that is done, or
die slowly and in great pain because it is still there.  ('This time kill
your own dragons'?)

And it is Hume/Martellian who shoves the sword in, possibly to save Mordion
but at the very least in the heat of battle, isn't it?  So it is
Hume/Martellian who does the killing, on that basis, and also
Hume/Martellian who pulls it out and finalises the death.  Shoving it in, I
don't know that he really has time to think at all apart from 'this
dangerous thing is trying to kill everyone'; pulling it out, he thinks
about it and then does it anyway.


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