[DWJ] World Fantasy Award Acceptance Speech by DWJ

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Dec 22 14:35:57 EST 2007

>> By the way, Diana is currently incandescent in a mild sort of way
>> about an illustrator who seems to think s/he is entitled to 50% of the
>> royalties on a book s/he did drawings for; a counter-offer of 12%
>> seems slightly more like it, given that the words came first and the
>> illustrations wouldn't have happened at all without them...
>12% still seems like a lot to me!  For a counter-offer, anyway - it's
>where they might expect to meet in the middle after the bargaining was

I think the intention was a statement: 'that's what we pay, take it or
leave it', rather than bargaining of any kind.  :-)

>I should have thought that once the illustrator had established one
>extreme position - 50% - Diana ought to have counter-offered the other
>extreme: in the ratio of page area covered :-)

The illustrator claimed that this was the going rate for the job, as far as
s/he was concerned, and this was what s/he always got.  I suspect this may
have been a slight *varnishing* of the facts.

In any case, this sort of financial hassle is what agents do, and I expect
that the redoubtable Laura Cecil is fully up to doing it; it was the sheer
*cheek* that made DWJ froth slightly.


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