[DWJ] New Member Introduction

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 22 13:00:16 EST 2007

> Lord love a duck!! How did a good Lund citizen find her way to this list? 
> I'm right pleased to meet you!!
> (My best friend comes from Lund - being a town in the South of Sweden, for 
> those of you who don't know.)

Good to meet you too! (I'm scared to ask what the Lord will do with the duck.)

We had DWJ books in translation in the library when I was a kid. I read the ones I could find, more in English when I grew up, and after that it was just a question of altavisting until I found the group - googling wasn't on my radar yet.

I can't remember what my first DWJ book was, but Dogsbody, Howl's Moving Castle and The Lives of Christopher Chant were all early ones.


Mörkt och kallt? Kanske Barcelona?

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