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Welcome, Kait - nice to meet you again here!

--- Kait Bessing <kait.bessing at comhem.se> wrote:

> Okay, I've lurked long enough, so here is my introduction.
> I'm a new member of this list. My name is Kait Bessing, and I'm
> located in 
> Stockholm, Sweden. I'm a
> middle-aged woman with a visual impairment (my sight is about 20% of
> full
> vision). I use a magnifying programme for my computer.
> My low vision makes me a slow reader, I generally manage 20-25 pages
> per
> hour. I read mostly printed books, but my "pillow reading" is always
> a
> talking book. (This is because I can't read in bed otherwise.)
> Please note that English is NOT my native language, and bear with me
> if I
> sometimes get the nuances of the English language wrong. I don't MEAN
> to
> offend, even if I sound that way!!
> I've been reading DWJ since the mid- 80s, when I picked up Charmed
> Life in a 
> bookshop in London.
> I adore the Chrestomanci books, and my other favourites include
> Archer's 
> Goon, Howl's Moving Castle, Dogsbody and A Tale of Time City. My
> least 
> favourites are Time of the Ghost and Black Maria.
> If anyone wants to know about vision problems, magnifying devices or
> talking 
> books, please feel free to ask!
> Kait 
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