[DWJ] DWJ article

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Dec 22 08:21:05 EST 2007

Hi Kait!  Pull up a bollard and be at home.  Welcome.  If I want to ask for
Swedish facts I may come to you...  :-)

>Minnow wrote:
>>Most of DWJ's older
>> women in authority are rather odious, or >at best uncaring and
>> unobservant, I
>> suspect.  Art following life -- except that >DWJ herself is *nothing*
>> like that.

and Kait commented

>But she did say once that she wrote so many women-as-villains because she
>had hated her own mother as a child.

The amusing thing was that DWJ habitually used her mother's unendearing
characteristics as a model for her nasty older women, quite clearly to
everyone who knew them *except to her mother*, who read all the books (and
damned them with faint praise) and never once recognised herself.

And she did not mellow with age.  If anything she got more manipulative and

If I hadn't met the mother, I might have thought that DWJ's writings of her
were exaggerated, but having met her I strongly suspect that DWJ didn't
tell us the half of it because if she'd told the whole truth nobody would
have credited it.


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