[DWJ] World Fantasy Award Acceptance Speech by DWJ

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Dec 20 17:07:36 EST 2007

>On 20/12/07 20:57, "Minnow" <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:
>> That would be like Rosemary Sutcliff talking about Charles Keeping's
>> illustrations for her books, and saying 'he's so clever, but so ugly'.
>> Ouch!

and Elizabeth Bentley asked

>Did she mean the illustrations were ugly, or him?

The whole passage reads 'I know, it's sad about the illustrations.
Publishers have to do so much cutting back to keep prices low, nowadays,
that the illustrations have, alas, had to go.  -- I liked Richard and
Walter better than Charles Keeping, too, he's so clever, but so ugly!'

The 'too' was a response to a comment of mine about my preferences in the
matter of artistic style, so I think she meant the work not the man.

By the way, Diana is currently incandescent in a mild sort of way about an
illustrator who seems to think s/he is entitled to 50% of the royalties on
a book s/he did drawings for; a counter-offer of 12% seems slightly more
like it, given that the words came first and the illustrations wouldn't
have happened at all without them...

Oh, and last night I was reading Sutcliff's *The Mark of the Horse Lord* in
paperback, and it distinctly says 'illustrated by Charles Keeping' on the
title-page, but the only illustration is on the front cover and on that
title page, and I *know* that there were some in the text when I read the
hardback; I wonder what went wrong there.


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