[DWJ] Urgent question: Maree and Rupert in The Merlin Conspiracy

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Dec 19 06:06:20 EST 2007

>Farah Mendlesohn <farah.sf at gmail.com> wrote: They are mentioned obliquely
>at the very beginning, as Nick wants to be a
>Magid and s trying to talk Rupert into it.
>Thanks!  I think that's not enough for me to worry about referencing in
>the project.  A relief. :)

Good, because DWJ says 'they just aren't in there' and this is deliberate
because it is meant to be Nick's book not theirs.  She says that *magids*
are mentioned in some phrase about knowing them, but since Nick has been in
a whole room full of magids that isn't just Maree and Rupert, and you
couldn't reference the two by names that don't get written.

Good luck with this project!


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