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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Dec 17 18:42:06 EST 2007

Joe wrote:

>This is a really interesting article. A case of damning with faint
>praise where the Miyazaki movie is concerned, I thought.

There were bits she absolutely loved, in particular the falling stars, but
she was disconcerted by the emphasis on war, which really isn't in the book
at all.  I don't think she damns the film, just finds it a bit strange in
aspects of it.

>Is anyone else
>surprised to learn that "Black Maria is a far more layered and complex
>story than Howlís Moving Castle"? I haven't read it for yonks, but I'm
>going to have another look at it now. (It's never come that high on the
>re-read list for some reason. Is it her nastiest book, or is that place
>reserved for TOTG?)

HMC is complex in some ways, but I always found it fairly straight-forward,
because I never saw Howl as anything but on-the-right-side, as it were.
Doesn't it lay cards on the table quite a lot, all the way through?

When I read BM I always remember that it is written 'by' a fairly young
person, and may have things going on which Mig hasn't quite understood; and
also the whole women's magic/men's magic business, and that it's a mistake
when taken to extremes, is complicated in itself.

*The Homeward Bounders* is high on my list of 'maybe her nastiest book'
candidates, because it's so *bleak* for Jamie to be a displaced person
forever, even if he does sort-of volunteer.

>I hope no-one ever decides to film Dark Lord.

I always hope that no-one ever decides to film *any* book that I have
enjoyed as a book!  :-)


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